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Evan: This is me, mommy, brother, Daddy and my house and a lemon. It was during COVID.

Mom: During COVID we weren’t allowed to see anyone and there was this front porch initiative. Photographers were offering to take pictures of families on their front porch from a distance in the first month of COVID when you couldn’t see anyone and you had to keep your distance. We have a memory of the first month of COVID when people were really scared and the photographers wanted to document that and they offered families to take pictures of families. Just a memory. The photographer didn’t even want to enter our property – just stood on the sidewalk on the street. It was strange and scary times. You didn’t know if it was safe and there were no vaccines and you didn’t really know what COVID was. I have that picture and every time I see it it brings me back to the beginning of the pandemic.

Evan: The picture has a camera and my house and mommy, daddy and brother and a lemon. The lemon is all of my silliness.

Mom: Was it a sour experience?

Evan: Yah!

Mom: Also a fun experience – when he was 3, he enjoyed spending time with everyone and going to programs. And when pandemic hit he suddenly couldn’t. We didn’t spend time with family because it wasn’t safe. At Easter he made Easter surprise baskets with Easter goodies and went to his cousin’s house and dropped off two baskets. He hand delivered them up to the door and surprised his cousins and he was really excited about doing it.